Ms. G.

“So, as many of you guys know, I’m not shy in anyway, shape, or form. However, what you don’t know is that although I may not be shy I did struggle with the idea of doing my first boudoir shoot. Mostly because I didn’t think my tomboy (“Bruh girl” ask tiktokers now call it) self could actually look like a “Goddess” like all of the pictures I saw Anika posting. WELL I WAS WRONG!!!!! She made all 5 foot of me look like I was a tree waiting to be climbed 😅 I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone with the heels Anika had in the client closet but let me tell you what, your comfort zone CAN expand! Also trust me when I say she’s a goddess with a camera because she even make my super awkward and goofy a$$ look 😍😍