“To say I was nervous when I booked my session would be an understatement. I had been wanting to book a shoot with Anika for a couple of years and kept putting it off telling myself I needed to lose weight first and that I wouldn’t look “pretty” or “sexy”. Well, I got tired of waiting and came at a point in my life where I just wanted to say “eff it”and do something for myself.

That may have been on of the best decisions I have ever made! The entire experience was absolutely amazing! Anika goes above and beyond and is the ultimate “hype woman”. When I saw my photos I was in awe of how they turned out! They were 🔥🔥🔥 and I had not seen myself or felt that way in quite awhile.

It’s full service and she sets hair and makeup up for the session. Nicole was my MUA and talked with me about what looks I liked and she did an outstanding job as well.

100000/10 would recommend anyone and everyone book a session (or two…or three)! I still look at my album and love notes, the self-love they bring me is astounding and without Anika I’m not sure I would have seen it in myself. Already have another session in a couple of weeks and literally cannot wait!”

Ms. L.

“So, as many of you guys know, I’m not shy in anyway, shape, or form. However, what you don’t know is that although I may not be shy I did struggle with the idea of doing my first boudoir shoot. Mostly because I didn’t think my tomboy (“Bruh girl” ask tiktokers now call it) self could actually look like a “Goddess” like all of the pictures I saw Anika posting. WELL I WAS WRONG!!!!! She made all 5 foot of me look like I was a tree waiting to be climbed 😅 I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone with the heels Anika had in the client closet but let me tell you what, your comfort zone CAN expand! Also trust me when I say she’s a goddess with a camera because she even make my super awkward and goofy a$$ look 😍😍

Ms. G.

I have been stalking Anika’s page and admiring all of y’all amazing ladies who put it all out there (no pun intended) and show the world they are beautiful no matter their age or size. We are our worst critic. My knees were shaking the entire time but I stepped out of my comfort zone and let go. I put my body in simple, sexy clothing, some mine some hers and did this amazing photo shoot OUTSIDE at a park near water. Anika reminded me that I have that fire in me that I lost and she made me love myself again. I cannot tell you enough how much of a wonderful person Anika is but I have to tell you to go find out for yourself!

My story – I’ve always been an athletic, in shape person. I recently had a hysterectomy and of course it forced me into early menopause and the weight has slowly been adding up. I went from 130 to 160 in less than two months and after many tears, I decided that I need to love me for who I am, but especially the size I am. I must tell you if you’ve been stalking Anika Colombo for as long as I have, stop, call her, make the appointment and get the pictures done. Love yourself! Don’t do these pictures for anyone but YOU.

I cannot wait to see the others!!

Ms. P.

Anyone else stalk their own pictures daily for self motivation and self love!! I had a hysterectomy in June last year due to some stupid health issues and put on 30lbs. (Im healthy now) Also, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, even when pregnant with both my kids I was smaller than now. I thought I was miserable but learned I’m still me no matter my size. After taking these fun, wild, crazy, and sexy photos with Anika Colombo, I realized how much I truly loved me!!

So stalk yourself, say damn look at that ass, and remember you’re a badass!!

*for those who haven’t taken pictures with Anika, you’re missing out!! She does outdoor pictures too!! And who knows you might be 1/2 naked or naked and realize you never want to wear clothes again!!!

Ms. P.

“OMG I am SO in LOVE 😍Anika Colombo you’re the absolute best! You made me feel so stunning, gorgeous and powerful during our session 💜 I am beyond words with this photo and all the others I cannot wait to add with your help!”

Ms. B.

“Two and a half years after giving birth to my twin boys, I was a wreck. Being a mother is wonderful and amazing but sooo exhausting. I was barely keeping up with them, much less taking care of myself. I was thirty-five pounds heavier than my pre-baby weight, had stretch marks, and circles under my eyes. Basically, I felt unattractive and I thought I’d never feel beautiful again.
At that point, Anika had been my family photographer for the past couple of years and I loved her. She has such a calming presence and her work is so beautiful. When I heard that she started doing boudoir shoots, I was intrigued. At first, I was nervous and thought boudoir was something that I wouldn’t be able to work up the nerve to do. I sent her a message and her responses made me feel comfortable… she said ‘you are beautiful’, ‘tell me what you like and don’t like about your body, angles are everything’, ‘I’ll help you with the wardrobe’. After some deliberation, I booked my session. I wanted to do this for myself. I wanted to feel beautiful again, even if it was only for a few minutes.
My session was in a beautiful farm house. On the bottom floor, the makeup/hair artist was set up and there was food and champagne for mimosas. The makeup/hair artist was very kind and asked me what kind of look I wanted. I showed her a picture of a look that I liked online. After about an hour, I looked in the mirror and she asked me if I was happy with the look. OMG, I looked so gorgeous!
The house had two floors. Anika was set up on the second floor and no one else was on that level so it was very private. There was a private room to change in and then a couple of rooms where we could take pictures. I was surprised about how comfortable I felt in the whole process. I felt so confident and Anika make me feel so comfortable. She was very in tune with my needs and comfort level and would have never suggested anything that made me feel uncomfortable. The whole time, she was so encouraging ‘You look gorgeous!’, ‘That was a great shot’, ‘Stick your bootie out more, lol’.
A week or so after the session, my pictures were ready and we had an online viewing. OMG, they were so beautiful. I looked so hot! They were all so tasteful too, suggestive, but not over the top. Really sexy, but in an artful way. I decided to purchase the video slideshow of all of my photos. I have access to it online and even though it has been a year since I did the boudoir shoot, I still look at my photos from time to time to time to rid myself of doubts about my self-image. I can also tell you that my self-image has improved dramatically since that shoot. I’m so thankful for this experience with Anika and I hope that this experience is as transformative for others as it was for me.”


Ms. S.

“I just wanted to give anyone doubting themselves or second guessing signing up a bit of encouragement.  The glam squad dolled me up and made me feel (and look) like a million bucks!  I never take much time for myself so I really savored that time.  Anika is so easy to work with.  She made me feel comfortable and confident, and we had fun with the shoot.  She made sure I got the looks I wanted, highlighted what I think are my assets, and minimized the areas I didn’t want to focus on.  You’ll be so happy you have these photographs.”

Ms. M.

“If you’re at all on the fence about doing this, do it!  Anika is wonderful to work with, and you’ll end up with pictures that make you feel beyond beautiful.  These pictures are for YOU!  And they’re amazing!”

Ms. P.